Greek Ladders Weekly - Apr. 18, 2016

Career planning best practices and campus events highlight this week's bulletin for fraternity and sorority members, as well as employers seeking quality young talent.

Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click here for a link to each campus's career center website, which provide key information about each event.

Monday, April 18

  • New Mexico State University - Educators' Job Fair
  • University of Montana - Educators' Career Fair

Tuesday, April 19

  • California State University-Dominguez Hills - Part-time & Seasonal Job Fair
  • California State University-Sacramento - Educator Recruitment Expo

Wednesday, April 20

  • Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi - Government & Liberal Arts Career and Internship Fair
  • University of Denver - Spring Government and Non-Profit Job & Internship Fair
  • University of New Mexico - Educators Job Fair
  • University of Oregon - Health Professions & Graduate School Fair

Thursday, April 21

  • California Polytechnic University-Pomona - Spring Career Fair
  • California State University-San Diego - Just in Time Career Fair
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County - Reverse Career Fair

Friday, April 22

  • College of Education Career Fair

Click here to receive a professional recommendation on the actual connections you make at the career fair!

What Characteristics Do You Possess?

Personal branding begins with understanding yourself. Characteristics, skills, experience, interests, and beliefs are all part of the mix.

When someone describes you, particularly a friend or supervisor, what words would you like them to use? What words would you use when asked by a recruiter?

Perhaps the following words or terms come to mind:


  • Ability to lead
  • Caring
  • Communication
  • Compassionate
  • Competent
  • Computer skills
  • Connected
  • Courage
  • Creative
  • Dependable
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flexibility
  • High energy
  • Honest
  • Inner strength
  • Innovative
  • Integrity
  • Intelligent
  • Likeable
  • Listener
  • Mature
  • Organization
  • Planner
  • Problem solver
  • Professional
  • Self-reliant
  • Team player
  • Technical knowledge
  • Trouble-shooter

There are many more which describe both job-seekers and successful industry leaders.

Which ones apply to you?

Click here to list which characteristics you possess. These will automatically post to your career profile. They’ll also be used when we describe you to potential employers.

Thanks to Nevada's Order of Omega!

A special thanks to the University of Nevada Chapter of Order of Omega for having us present a career planning workshop.


The workshop allowed us to replicate the presentation made at the recent AFLV Conference in San Diego. The session, entitled "Tips for Job Search and Career Success" emphasized understanding one's needs and skills, capitalize on characteristics, and make strong connections to enhance job search and workplace possibilities.

The gathering provided an opportunity to share feedback to members whose resumes were reviewed prior to the workshop. Though we had a number of improvement suggestions, the resumes were very impressive.

Thanks again, to Order of Omega.

Career Workshops

Below is a list of this week's career planning workshops and activities.

Monday, April 18

  • Boston University - Cover Letters 101 Workshop

Tuesday, April 19

  • Boston University - Job Search 101
  • University of Arizona - Sports Panel
  • University of Georgia - Backpack to Briefcase workshop
  • University of Oregon - S.O.A.R. (Search. Observe. Apply. Rise.) Seminar

Wednesday, April 20

  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Getting the Job: Interviewing Tips
  • University of Montana - Job Search & Interviewing Workshop

Thursday, April 21

  • Boston University - Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage
  • Texas A&M University-Commerce - Business Etiquette Dinner
  • University of Georgia - #UGAjobchat: Interviewing

Friday, April 22

  • University of Nevada - How to Make LinkedIn Actually Work for You

For more information about these workshops, visit the campus career center on your campus, visit them online (click here). 






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