Greek Ladders Weekly - Apr. 4, 2016

The end of the spring semester is in sight. It's an ideal time to make new connections and build upon those you've created over the year.

Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click here for a link to each campus's career center website, which provide key information about each event.

Monday, April 4

  • Minnesota State University-Moorhead - Education Job Fair

Wednesday, April 6

  • Indiana University - Fitness & Wellness Career Focus Fair
  • Robert Morris University - Spring Career Fair
  • Santa Clara University - Spring Career Fair
  • University of California-San Diego - Triton Spring Job and Internship Fair
  • University of Florida - Careers in Education Fair
  • University of Rhode Island - Spring Career and Internship Fair
  • Western Oregon University - Education Career Fair

Thursday, April 7

  • Towson University - Veteran's Career Fair
  • University of California-Riverside - Spring Job Fair
  • University of New Mexico - Student Job & Internship Fair

Click here to receive a professional recommendation on the actual connections you make at the career fair!

Invitation to all AFLVWest attendees

The annual AFLVWest Conference presents student leaders with significant growth and development opportunities. The agenda is full of extraordinary speakers presenting phenomenal leadership-driven subject matter.

We're presenting a workshop on Friday at 2:20pm in Seabreeze 2, entitled "Ways to Leverage Your Greek Experience to Land a Great Job."

We'll review and proof your resume.

Resumes submitted by email to Pete Parker by 12pm on Thursday, April 7 will be reviewed and available for discussion on Friday at the conference. All others will receive feedback and recommendations by email, on the week following the conference.

Networking Tips

Whether you're hoping to increase revenue for your business, seeking new members to your organization, searching for the next great hire, or looking to launch your career, networking provides extreme value.

Here's a handful of tips to consider to build your professional network.

  • Bring business cards. Whichever the situation, make sure you have enough business cards. You can never go wrong with 50 in your pocket or purse.
  • Carry pen and paper. Jotting down notes of conversations will help you plan for the next encounter. Tip...don't type notes into your phone...the impression it gives to others is that you don't care about them. Writing on paper makes you look like you really care.
  • Greet with confidence. First impressions set the tone of the conversation. Firm handshake, eye to eye contact, repeat the person's name, mixed with a kind greeting.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Get to know the other person by asking questions which extract informative answers.
  • Use your 30-second elevator. When someone asks, "what do you do" or "tell me something about yourself," be prepared with a brief answer. When they ask "tell me more" be prepared for a longer description.
  • It's a two-way street. Just as you may be seeking something...a job, a new member, an idea, a referral, etc...the other person may be seeking something, as well. An exchange might not happen on the spot but, if the relationship is managed, you'll see results.
  • Don't expect miracles. While some networking exchanges can provide immediate results (e.g. invitation to interview, charitable donation, new member, a date), others take time to mature. The value is found through building relationships.
  • Grab business cards. You should grab a business card from each person, particularly those with whom you had meaningful conversations.
  • Track everything. Record each person into a database (e.g. excel, CRM). Include a brief summary of the conversation, along with a next step.
  • Follow-up. Send each person a note. This may be a hand-written note and/or an email. Be sure to include a reference of the conversation.
  • Connect on LinkedIn. There's no better public way of showcasing your network, while also using it to build each relationship.
  • Have fun. When people see you enjoying each networking exchange, they'll work their way over to meet you. Even better, the conversations take greater meaning.

Networking is intimidating to many people. However, when harnessed the right way, it can open many opportunistic doors.

Career Workshops

Below is a list of this week's career planning workshops and activities.

Monday, April 4

  • Boston University - Internships 101 Workshop
  • University of Florida - Translating your UF Experience and Impact

Tuesday, April 5

  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Resume clinic
  • University of Florida - Effective Communication  Skills and Critical Thinking
  • University of Georgia - Careers in Freelance Communications
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Finding and Applying to Government Careers
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Getting the Job: Interviewing Tips
  • University of Kentucky - Career Decision Making Workshop
  • University of Kentucky - Job Search Bootcamp

Wednesday, April 6

  • Boston University - Networking: Making the Most of Your Connections
  • Oklahoma State University - LinkedIn Information Event
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Mock Interview Day Prep workshop
  • University of Florida - Making the Most of Your Internship Experience
  • University of Georgia - Health Professionals in a COE World
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Making a Major Decision
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Health Professionals Wednesday: Developing a Parallel Career Plan
  • University of Kentucky - Career Chat lunch

Thursday, April 7

  • Boston University - Career Decisions: Starting Your Journey workshop
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Global Career Opportunities Internship Abroad
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Creating Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters
  • University of Kentucky - Landing a Business Internship workshop
  • University of Kentucky - Connecting Personalities with Profession
  • University of Maryland-Baltimore County - Resumania

Friday, April 8

  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Professional Careers in Social Media

For more information about these workshops, visit the campus career center on your campus, visit them online (click here).

Eddie Francis added to our Preferred Speakers list

Eddie leverages his combined 30-plus years of mass media and career development experience to reach college students and young professionals. Having even done a stint as a stand-up comedian, he packs his presentations with energy, candor, humor, and interaction to meet audiences where they are. A recruiter who once served as a director of public relations, Eddie passionately addresses young audiences about personal branding, social media, leadership, and designing winning resumes. Most importantly, he encourages Greeks in sharing his experiences as a college chapter president, a former campus advisor, and an active alumni member.

CLICK HERE to learn more about Eddie and his programs

Post Your Resume

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