Greek Ladders Weekly - February 6, 2017

Our weekly bulletin provides information about upcoming career events taking place on college, events we're planning or speaking, career planning best practices, and introductions to employers and our collaborative partners. The bulletin is designed to help connect students with employers, and vice-versa.

Networking Tip

Networking is often a two-way street.

Just as you may be seeking something, whether it's chapter recruitment, student government leadership, an internship or full-time job, a referral, or even just an idea, those with whom you network may be seeking something as well. The beauty of networking is to establish a connection, find commonalities, then develop the relationship. The actual conversation may go in a number of directions, though what you seek remains clear. 

It's quite likely that you provide as much value in what the other person seeks, than he or she does for you. Enjoy the conversation and, if the relationship is properly managed, you'll both see results.

For more simple networking tips, click here.

Boost Your Network at NGLA!

Pete is attending this year's Northeast Greek Leadership Association's annual conference. It's his first time at the conference and plans to make it an incredible experience for the many students in attendance.

He plans to connect with leaders from Choose A Challenge, Circle of Change Leadership, ForCollegeForLife, and many more. If you're attending the conference, be sure to visit with Pete and get connected with outstanding professionals. He'll be an active participant at the conference and can either be found talking to students or in the Choose A Challenge booth.

Pete presents a workshop on Saturday afternoon. All students, advisors, and professionals are invited!!! Here are the details:

Title: Levitate Networking to a Professional Level
Date: Saturday, February 25, 3:30pm
Program Description: This interactive workshop will open your eyes to the values of purposeful interactions, ways of leveraging each conversation, and best practices of strategic networking. You'll learn about first impressions, personal branding, what to say when networking, how to follow-up, and more. The tips shared will certainly enhance your career aspiration, you'll help increase the quality and quantity of chapter recruitment.
SPECIAL BONUS: If you're attending the conference, click here to RSVP. Even if you don't attend Pete's workshop, he'll review your resume with you at the conference.

Pete will be on a mission to boost the career possibilities of every student in attendance.

This Week's Career Fairs

Here's a listing of career fairs, workshops, and activities on college campuses where Greek Ladders candidates are attending or graduated. They're great opportunities to learn best practices, build professional networks, and inquire about job and internship opportunities.

Monday, February 6

  • Purdue University - Purdue Graduate Student Career Fair

Tuesday, February 7

  • California State University, Sacramento - Educator Recruitment Expo
  • Purdue University - School of Hospitality & Tourism Management Career Fair
  • Purdue University - Sales, Retail & Financial Services Spring Career Fair
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Engineering Career Fair (Day 1)
  • University of New Mexico - Career Expo
  • University of Texas, Austin - Public Affairs Career Fair

Wednesday, February 8

  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Career & Internship Fair
  • Indiana University - Summer Camps Job Fair
  • Purdue University - Agriculture Spring Career Fair
  • Texas Tech University - Summer Camp Job Fair
  • University of Denver - Career and Internship Fair
  • University of Georgia - Journalism and Mass Communication Career Day
  • University of Idaho - Spring Career Fair
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Engineering Career Fair (Day 2)
  • University of Kansas - University Career Fair
  • University of Kentucky - Communication Career Fair

Thursday, February 9

  • University of Georgia - Landscape Architecture Career and Internship Fair
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Engineering Founders Startup Career Fair
  • University of Kansas - Engineering & Computing Career Fair
  • University of Louisiana, Lafayette - Spring Career Fair (Day 1 - Engineering, Sciences, and Technology)
  • University of Nevada - Spring Career and Internship Expo
  • University of Oklahoma - Construction Science Career Fair

Friday, February 10

  • Purdue University - Construction Management Career Fair
  • University of Louisiana, Lafayette - Spring Career Fair (Day 2 - Business, Arts, Liberal Arts, and General)
  • University of Texas, Austin - Nursing Career Fair

We're ready to help students get ready for the career fair. We'll happily review and assess both your resume and LinkedIn profile.  Send us an email with your resume and/or LinkedIn link.

Final Note: Thank you for sharing outstanding comment and ideas for subject matter. The bulletins are designed for employers, students, and young professionals who want to leverage opportunities and connections for career and professional success. Keep sending your feedback and suggestions.


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