Greek Ladders Weekly - Jan. 25, 2016

Now that the spring semester is in full swing, it's time to leverage career opportunities. This week's bulletin is more action-oriented than usual.

A new addition to the weekly bulletin is the following, brief video.


Career Fairs

Below is a list of career fairs taking place on campuses where many of the students we work with are attending. Click [details] for key information about each event.

Tuesday, January 26

  • Central Washington University - Majors Fair [details]
  • Indiana University - Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation Career Focus Fair [details]
  • Indiana University - School of Informatics and Computing Career Fair [details]
  • Ohio State University - Summer Internship and Opportunity Fair [details]
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Opportunities Fair [details]
  • University of Washington - Diversity Career Fair [details]

Wednesday, January 27

  • Appalachian State University - Internship Fair [details]
  • Arizona State University - School of Business: Spring to Success Career Fair [details]
  • University of Central Florida - Spring Career Expo [details]
  • University of South Carolina - Career Fest [details]
  • University of South Carolina - Science, Engineering and Technology Fair [details]

Thursday, January 28

  • Lenoir-Rhyne University - Summer Experience and Internship Fair [details]
  • New York University - Spring Job & Internship Fair [details]
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Winter Career & Internship Fair [details]
  • University of Tampa - Spring Internship Fair [details]

Click here to receive a professional recommendation on the great connections you make at the career fair!

Get your resume reviewed

It's never too early to refine your resume. It likely needs updating and can easily be revised for content, spelling, and grammatical errors. Send us your resume - we'll give a good review and provide constructive feedback. Click here to email it us.

If your resume looks solid, let's add it to your online career profile. The sooner it's on the profile, the quicker it will be seen by many of our employers. Either email it to us or log in to your profile and post it.

The Origination of Greek Ladders

We participated in our first Blab this weekend. We're intrigued by this interface, as we think it could be a great way to showcase our employers and candidates. The first Blab was dedicated to how Greek Ladders formed, a description of what it's all about, and upcoming events.

Employers - we'll be contacting you to schedule live interviews very soon!

CLICK HERE to watch our first Blab.

Arizona All-Greek Career Night

All 5,000 Greek Life students, as well as Arizona fraternity and sorority young alumni, are invited to participate in the unique career networking event, as part of its “Values” month. Assembling in the common areas of five large, adjacent fraternity and sorority houses on East First Street, students will meet with representatives of roughly 50 businesses seeking quality talent for its full-time and internship positions.

The event enables employers to meet students who missed the Career Days for the first time, as well develop relationships by engaging in meaningful conversations with students they met during the two-day career fair. Both situations allow recruiters to tap into a network full of active student leaders.

The event may feature industry leaders, who may not be seeking new hires, but will be sharing insights into career planning for their respective industries. These industries could be legal, medical, engineering, education, technology, and more.

CLICK HERE for more details and to RSVP. Free for all to attend.

Career Workshops

Below is a list this week's career planning workshops and activities. 

Monday, January 25

  • Adelphi University - Derner Graduate Networking Event
  • Boston University - LinkedIn: Creating Your Profile workshop
  • University of California-Santa Barbara - Use LinkedIn to Jumpstart Your Career
  • University of Denver - #INeedAnInternship Workshop
  • University of Florida - Employer Resume Reviews
  • University of Florida - Pre=Showcase Meet Up
  • University of Georgia - Job & Internship Searching Overview
  • University of Georgia - Engineering Career & Internship Night
  • University of Tampa – Resumania

Tuesday, January 26

  • Boston University - Career Directions: Starting Your Journey workshop
  • New York University - Social Media & Networking for Your Job Search
  • Oklahoma State University - Insights to Successful Interviewing workshop
  • University of Central Florida - Multicultural and First Generation students Networking Night
  • University of Florida - Career Showcase - Non-Technical Careers
  • University of Georgia - Resume Critique Day 1
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - How to Sell Your LAS Degree at the Business Career Fair
  • University of Tampa - Preparing for Internship and Career Fairs

Wednesday, January 27

  • Robert Morris University - Internship Seminar
  • Indiana University - Find Your Career Direction - Part 2
  • Boston University - Job Search 101 workshop
  • New York University - Acing the Interview workshop
  • New York University - Resumes and Cover Letters that Work
  • Oklahoma State University - Career Fair Prep
  • University of Florida - Career Showcase - Technical Careers
  • University of Georgia - Resume Critique Day 2
  • University of Georgia - Terry Mock Interview Day
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Getting the Job: Interviewing Tips
  • University of Kentucky - International Business Internship Information
  • University of Kentucky - Landing a Business Internship

Thursday, January 28

  • Robert Morris University - Jump-Start Your Job Search
  • Boston University - Networking: Making the Most of Your Connections
  • University of Denver - #INeedAnInternship Workshop
  • University of Georgia - Resume Critique Day 3
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Career Fair Prep: Maximize Your Experience
  • University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign - Creating Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters

Friday, January 29

  • Indiana University - Find Your Career Direction - Part 3
  • Boston University - Self-Discovery: Know Yourself to Find Your Fit
  • Purdue University - AITP Computing Showcase
  • University of California-Berkeley - Job Search Essentials: Resumes & Cover Letters to Get You Noticed

For more information about these workshops, visit the campus career center on your campus, visit them online, or contact us.



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