Greek Ladders Weekly - January 23, 2017

Our weekly bulletin provides information about upcoming career events taking place on college, events we're planning or speaking, career planning best practices, and introductions to employers and our collaborative partners. The bulletin is designed to help connect students with employers, and vice-versa.

Career fairs regularly take place on college campuses everywhere. In fact, we post these events on our website for students, who use our Career Network to get noticed by and connect with recruiters. We’ve found to startling, yet consistent facts from these 100 campuses.

  1. Only 4-5% of the student population attends each career fair.
  2. The vast majority of students window shop.

While we don’t believe career fairs are the end-all-be-all of campus recruiting, we strongly advocate for students to attend these events. When else will you see 50-100 organizations come to campus for the sole purpose of finding great talent?!

For those not actually looking to immediately land a job, career fairs bring 100-200 professionals who can be added to each student’s professional network.

Here are a few tips to make career fairs work for you.

  1. Rank the participating employers. Go through the list of employers, which is usually posted on the career center’s webpage. There may even be a printed version, available in the career center. Take a look at each employers information and available jobs (if provided). Group the employers in three categories.
    1. Must visits. The companies you absolutely want to meet. If all you do is visit this group, then you’ll feel the career fair is a success. This group may represent 5-10% of all participating employers.
    2. Very Interested. These are companies you’d really like to meet, if you have the time following visits with the “Must” employers. This group might represent 10-20% of the employers.
    3. The Rest. These are companies you’re not targeting to visit for whatever reason. This group may represent 70-85% of all employers at the fair.
  2. Conduct research on the “Must Visit” and “Very Interested” companies. In addition to the information you gather, be sure to write questions to ask each when you visit their booths.
  3. Create a career fair schedule. Block an appropriate amount of time to attend the career fair and visit with employers. Plan on spending up to 10 minutes with the “Must Visit” companies and around five minutes with the “Very Interested” employers. Be sure to plan extra time in case you want to return back to certain employers.
  4. Set aside time to followup. This is one very critical area, which most students fail. Plan some time later in the day to send emails to every person you met. Thank them for the conversation and invite continued interactions, even if you don’t want to work at that particular company. Whether you’re hired or not, these professionals may serve to be outstanding references, door-openers, mentors, and potential customers. For the companies you want to zero-in on for employment, write a personal note and place it in the mail. In all of these emails and cards, be sure to add a take-away from your visit. This may be a comment, brief story, hobby, interest…something that will trigger the person to remember you.
  5. Typical advice. This is advice we commonly share and that you likely receive from your career center.
    1. Dress appropriately.
    2. Leave your backpack at the door.
    3. Bring copies of your resume (at least on per your “Must Visit” and “Very Interested” employers).
    4. Greet confidently.
    5. Smile.
    6. Take contact cards.
    7. Collect business cards from those you engage in conversations.
    8. Go alone.
    9. Be open-minded.
  6. Have fun. Don’t let yourself get intimidated, nervous, anxious, or scared. The recruiters took time from their day to talk to you. They may be just as intimidated as you. When you feel yourself get nervous, simply flip your approach. This is your career, not theirs. So, look at it as you’re recruiting the employers, more than they’re recruiting you. If you take that tactic, you’ll feel more in control and likely feel and appear more confident.
  7. Don’t get down. Don’t get upset if you’re not offered a job on the spot. Remember that the best relationships take a bit of time to develop. This approach may also bode well for such things as negotiating salaries.

Many companies targeting young talent rely on career fairs to find their next great hires. With so many coming to campus to meet students, there’s no better way to meet with 50-100 at one time. Think about how long it would take for you to visit with 100 companies on your own.

When career fairs come to your campus, don’t hesitate to go and make them work for you.

This Week's Career Fairs

Tuesday, January 24

  • Indiana University - Arts & Sciences Winter Career and Internship Fair
  • Ohio State University - Summer Internship and Opportunity Fair
  • University of Florida - Career Showcase (Day 1)
  • University of Georgia - Risk Management and Insurance Careers Day

Wednesday, January 25

  • Appalachian State University - Internship Fair
  • Arizona State University - Supply Chain Management Association Career Fair
  • Indiana University - Recreation, Park & Tourism Studies Career Focus Event
  • University of California, Berkeley - Engineering and Technology Career Fair
  • University of California, Riverside - Internship and Non-Profit Job Fair
  • University of California, Santa Barbara - Winter Career & Internship Fair
  • University of Florida - Career Showcase (Day 2)

Thursday, January 26

  • Arizona State University - Spring to Success Business Career Fair
  • California State University, Dominguez Hills - Major & Minor Fair
  • George Washington University - Spring Career & Internship Fair
  • Indiana University - Informatics and Computing Spring Career Fair
  • New York University - Spring Job & Internship Fair
  • Oklahoma State University - Summer Camp Job Fair
  • University of California, Berkeley - Business and Public Service Career Fair
  • University of Tampa - Spring Part Time Job Fair

We're ready to help you get ready for the career fair. Send us an email to review your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Be sure to attach a copy and/or link in the email.

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