Greek Ladders Weekly - May 2, 2016

The spring semester's career activity on college campuses is slowing down considerably. However, the need to fill great jobs with quality talent still exists. Despite the slowdown, we'll continue to connect employers with job and internship-seeking candidates.

Campus Career Events

Here's a listing of career fairs, workshops, and activities on many campuses, where Greek Ladders candidates are attending or graduated. They're great opportunities to learn best practices, build professional networks, and inquire about job and internship opportunities.

Below is a list of career events, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click here for a link to each campus's career center website, which provide key information about each event.

  • Wednesday, May 4 - University of Kentucky - Internship 101 Workshop
  • Wednesday, May 11 - University of Washington - Health Graduate School Fair
  • Thursday, May 12 - University of California, Riverside - Last Chance Job Fair
  • Wednesday, May 18 - University of Georgia - Alumni Resume Critique Day
  • Monday, May 23 - Ohio State University - HireOhio Alumni Career Fair
  • Wednesday, May 25 - California State University, Northridge - Recent Graduate and Alumni Fair

Click here to receive a professional recommendation on the actual connections you make at the career fair!

What employers look for in resumes

The typical employer initially spends about 15 seconds reviewing each resume. If you want to create an outstanding resume, you need to quickly capture the reader's attention as quickly as possible.

The first tip is to put yourself in the shoes of the reviewer and ask, “what type of person and skills do we need for this position.” The best way to answer this is to have a thorough understanding of the employer, its needs, and the responsibilities of the position.

As you’re building your resume, consider the following things the reviewer is seeking when reading your resume for those critical 15 seconds.

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Guest Blog - Eddie Francis

Making Greek Life Count on Your College Resume

As a recruiter, I view résumés on a daily basis. As a student, you have probably been told that a résumé’s purpose is to get you an interview. That is true and it’s part of the story. To me, an even bigger part of the story is that a résumé should tell a job seeker one of two things—that either his or her skills are strong or those skills require improvement. As a Greek, you have the huge advantage of having an affiliation that has afforded you numerous opportunities to build valuable career skills.

One of my recruitment projects was with a large office supply company. I was on a team that had to identify candidates for a sales training program and the company specifically wanted recent college graduates. During my initial discussion with my client, they made it very clear that they wanted candidates who had been active leaders on their campuses. As a Greek, I immediately included the résumés of fraternity and sorority members. I even joked with a hiring manager that she should interview one candidate because members of his fraternity are great salesmen.

There is one mistake that Greeks, despite possessing strong skills, make—underselling themselves. Selling yourself starts with the first few lines of your objective statement. If you haven’t heard this already, recruiters spend an average of 6.2 looking over a résumé and I doubt that number is much different for hiring managers who are normally strapped for time. So think of an objective statement as a way to "greet" the employer. You can also think of it was a way to establish your brand.

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Echo Global's Hiring Practices

Echo Global Logistics offices are more than just a workplace — they're an environment for success. At Echo, when you bring your own passion, energy and drive to work, Echo gives you the tools you need to succeed. From our innovative technology to our open-door policy, Echo wants to provide a space for you to be your best self and do your best work.

A huge part of Echo Global is its community — both inside and outside of Echo. The company supports its employees’ desire to give back by providing time off to volunteer in the communities in which we live and work. As a logistics company, the shape and size of our environmental footprint is important. In 2010 Echo joined the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and SmartWay (SM) Transport Partnership, demonstrating its commitment to moving goods in the cleanest, most efficient way possible.

Greek Ladders conducted an interview to learn more about Echo Global Logistics, its hiring practices, and job opportunities. The discussion with Angela Gazley, Sales Recruitment Supervisor, provided great understanding of what Echo does, what it's looking for, and how candidates can apply for jobs.

Click here to watch the interview, describing Echo's hiring practices.

2016/2017 Scheduling

We continue to fill our 2016/2017 schedule of career events. Contact us today if you'd like to:

  • Plan an All-Greek Student-Professional Networking Night
  • Conduct a career planning workshop
  • Coordinate a career summit (workshops, networking, mock interviews, resume reviews, etc.)
  • Host an All-Greek Career Fair
  • Book a speaker
  • Present a live streamed interview
  • Connect employers with candidates
  • Promote a job, employer, and candidate

Email us today to start planning!




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