Greek Ladders Weekly - October 24, 2016

Our weekly bulletin provides information about upcoming career events taking place on college, events we're planning or speaking, career planning best practices, and introductions to employers and our collaborative partners. The bulletin is designed to help connect students with employers, and vice-versa.

Tips to Make Homecoming Work for You

Homecoming is a great time to celebrate the University's history, returning alumni, and big football game. It can also be an incredible opportunity to take career planning to an entirely new level, just by connecting with alumni.

Here are suggestions on how you can leverage Homecoming to get you a job.

  • If your chapter has a tent during tailgating, visit with as many alumni as you can. Start with the ones you've never met. Don't be intimidated; they want to meet with students. Since it's a social occasion, the conversation can be very casual. In addition to talking about the school and the old days in the chapter, talk about his or her career path, as well as your career interests.

CLICK HERE for three more tips.

Seeking Fraternity and Sorority Life Career Coordinators at the University of Arizona

A unique opportunity is being launched to connect fraternity and sorority members to career opportunities at the University of Arizona. The position calls for one or two outstanding students...are you interested?

Through a collaborative relationship between University of Arizona Career Services and the Fraternity & Sorority Programs office, the FSP Career Coordinator position exists to provide career readiness opportunities and introduce students to employers.

The Coordinator(s) will work closely with Career Services to coordinate events, connect with recruiters and chapter leaders, and provide career planning resources.

CLICK HERE for the full position announcement. Deadline to apply is October 31.

We're Connecting Recruiters to Quality, Skilled Talent

Employers and candidates encounter frustration when it comes to pairing with the ideal employment situation. Greek Ladders was established to connect both, thereby serving as a liaison between the recruiter and the individual job-seeker.

Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. For the most part, their recruitment of college students is done on campuses, where they primarily recruit at career fairs. Since between 4-7% of the student population attends career fairs, recruiters can fall short of expectations and measured results.

Through Greek Ladders, the candidates using the Career Network present themselves to employers by describing their experiences, skills, and interests. At the same time, recruiters us the network to view candidate profiles, brand their companies, and promote open job and internship positions.

The goal is to connect employment recruiters with active student leaders, possessing strong skills, to fill full-time and internship positions.

Invitation to recruiters - CLICK HERE to see how we're connecting employers to candidates.

This week's career fairs

Monday, October 24

  • University of Florida - Graduate and Professional Schools Fair
  • University of South Carolina - Health Professions Fair

Tuesday, October 25

  • California State University, Northridge - Career Fair
  • Franklin & Marshall College - Graduate and Professional School Fair
  • Loyola Marymount University - Graduate School Fair
  • Oregon State University - Business & Communications Career Fair
  • Purdue University - Pharmacy Days
  • University of Maryland - Public Health Expo
  • University of Washington - Graduate School Fair

Wednesday, October 26

  • California State University, Sacramento - Federal, State & Local Government Career Fair
  • California State University, San Diego - STEM Career Fair
  • Oregon State University - Engineering Career Fair
  • University of California, Berkeley - Civil & Environmental Engineering Career Fair
  • University of California, Riverside - Graduate and Professional School Information Fair
  • University of Georgia - Graduate School Fair
  • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Career & Internship Fair
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Job Fair

Thursday, October 27

  • Arizona State University - Hire Chicago Career Fair
  • California Polytechnic University, Pomona - Career Fair
  • Oregon State University - STEM & Health Career Fair
  • St. Mary's University - Graduate and Professional School Fair
  • University of Kentucky - Nursing and Health Sciences Education Fair
  • University of Washington - Government Career Fair

Friday, October 28

  • California Polytechnic University, Pomona - Engineering and High Tech Career Fair

We're ready to help you get ready for the career fair. Send us an email to review your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Be sure to attach a copy and/or link in the email.

Special for Weber State Students

Congratulations on an incredible Project LEAD conference. Student leadership on your campus is very impressive.

CLICK HERE to download Pete's presentation (Leveraging Student Involvement to Land a Job).

CLICK HERE for Pete's post-conference video - "Tips and Takeways"

Next week's career fairs

Tuesday, November 1

  • University of Kansas - Journalism Career Fair
  • University of Washington - Construction Management Career Fair

Wednesday, November 2

  • Ohio State University - Social Work Career and Field Exploration Fair
  • Texas Tech University - Teacher Job Fair
  • University of Arizona - Graduate School Day
  • University of California, San Diego - Law School Information Fair
  • University of Maryland - Visual Arts Hiring Fair
  • University of Texas, Austin - Bioscience and Biotechnology Career Fair

Thursday, November 3

  • University of California, Santa Barbara - Graduate & Professional Schools Day
  • University of Nevada, Reno - Fall Career and Internship Expo

Friday, November 4

  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Engineering Career & Internship Expo
  • New York University - Global Public Health Career Fair
  • Robert Morris University - Career Day
  • University of Florida - Stay in the Swamp Fair

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