Greek Ladders Weekly - September 12, 2016

The bulletin is intended to provide resources...mostly events, ideas, resources, tips, and fresh bring job-seekers and employers closer together to develop valuable, career-connecting relationships.

Career Coffee at Arizona State on September 21st

Our first event of the school year takes place in the Arizona State Memorial Union next Wednesday morning, September 21, prior to the start of Career & Internship Fair Day 2.

We've been inviting students to meet employers interested in meeting student leaders for a pre-fair coffee.

Please RSVP so we know how many people to expect. Also, each student who RSVPs will be introduced to employers in advance of the event. Employers which RSVP will be promoted through a special eblast to Arizona State students next Monday.


This week's career events on college campuses

They're great opportunities to learn best practices, build professional networks, and inquire about job and internship opportunities.

Click on the University's name for more information about the event. 

Tuesday, September 13

Wednesday, September 14

Thursday, September 15

Friday, September 16

We're ready to help you get ready for the career fair. Send us an email to review your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Be sure to attach a copy and/or link in the email.

Social Media and the Employer Brand

Getting the attention of today's job-seeker, particularly those currently in college, takes a variety of approaches. Email, face-to-face meetings, group presentations, special events, and social media all play a role...many times, as a collaborative approach.

Reading an article written by Christos Tsaprounis, featured in the September 2016 of Recruiter Magazine, is a reminder that a proper approach to social media can boost an employer's brand.

The author points to a few tips to generating awareness and results through social media.

CLICK HERE to learn about his tips.

Next week's career fairs

The following career fairs are taking place on college campuses next week. Send us your resume for review, so we can help you represent yourself as best as possible next week.

Tuesday, September 20

  • Arizona State University - Fall Career & Internship Fair (Day 1)
  • New Mexico State University - Career Expo (Day 1)
  • Ohio State University - Engineering Expo (Day 1)
  • Oklahoma State University - Engineering, Architecture & Technology Career Fair
  • Purdue University - HTM Fall Career Fair
  • Purdue University - Sales, Retail & Financial Services Career Fair
  • University of Arizona - Fall Careers Days (Day 1)
  • Weber State University - Graduate School Fair

Wednesday, September 21

  • Arizona State University - Fall Career & Internship Fair (Day 2)
  • California State University-Dominguez Hills - Graduate School Fair
  • Indiana University at Pennsylvania - Accounting Career Day
  • New Mexico State University - Career Expo (Day 2)
  • Ohio State University - Engineering Expo (Day 2)
  • University of Arizona - Fall Career Days (Day 2)
  • University of Kentucky - Fall Agriculture Career Fair

Thursday, September 22

  • Arizona State University - Fall Career & Internship Fair (Day 3)
  • California State University-Long Beach - STEM Job & Internship Fair
  • Oklahoma State University - Business Career Fair

The Give and Take of Networking

A very interesting article was features in Forbes' digital magazine yesterday, which identified four habits of effective networking. One of the ways, as written by Michel Theriault, was of particular interest.

Michel did a great job pointing out one key, but seldom utilized opportunity in to give rather than take.

Despite their lack of experiences, college students have a great deal to offer to employment recruiters, business leaders, and community activists. They have ideas, viewpoints, and their own ways of doing things. When entering networking situations with professionals, whether a couple or many years their elder, students don't need to feel intimidated.

CLICK HERE to read the entire article.

Campus Career Center Links

Our Career Network is represented by job-seekers associated with nearly 100 college campuses. We do our best to create collaborative relationships with each campus's fraternity and sorority life staff and the primary career center.

CLICK HERE to see the list of campuses, each hyper-linked to career center webpages.

Connect to ideal young talent

Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. Their recruitment of college students and young professionals places them on campuses and in communities across the country, where they attend career fairs, present at small workshops, and interface with career-related staff members. As a result, the candidates, career specialists, and recruiters can be overwhelmed with scores of names, some information, and a bit of frustration.

Greek Ladders serves as a liaison between the recruiter and the individual job-seeker. This enables the individuals in our career network (students and alumni) to present themselves to employers by properly positioning their experiences, skills, and interests. The employer (recruiter) receives access and vital information to utilize in their searches for ideal candidates.





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