Greek Ladders Weekly - September 26, 2016

The bulletin is intended to provide resources...mostly events, ideas, resources, tips, and fresh bring job-seekers and employers closer together to develop valuable, career-connecting relationships.

This Week's Career Events

Here's a listing of career fairs, workshops, and activities on college campuses where Greek Ladders candidates are attending or graduated. They're great opportunities to learn best practices, build professional networks, and inquire about job and internship opportunities.

Click on the University's name for more information about the event.

Monday, September 26

Tuesday, September 27

Wednesday, September 28

Thursday, September 29 

Friday, September 30

We're ready to help you get ready for the career fair. Send us an email to review your resume and/or LinkedIn profile. Be sure to attach a copy and/or link in the email.

Great Job Opportunities

The following jobs are posted on our Job Board. Click on each to see the position announcement.

Let us know if you're interested in any of these positions. We'll be happy to provide a personal reference or introduction to the hiring manager.

Career Planning Resources

Below are articles providing career planning tips and information.

How Ready Is Your Resume

Are you confident that your resume is ready to be seen by employment recruiters? Do you even have a resume? This seemingly simple task can be intimidating to many job-seekers. We have tips to help you prepare this important document to get you to the interview phase of your job search process. Click here for the full article.

Don't Say These in a Job Interview

We know the interview can be an anxious and stressful experience. You can say a thousand things right, but one wrong move and the interview is blown. A recent article in Forbes magazine piqued our interest, as it closely resembled a blog we posted two years ago about things you should not say in a job interview. Click here for the full article.

Other articles which may interest you include:

Next week's career fairs

Preparation is key. Here's a list of fair taking place on college campuses.

Monday, October 3

  • University of Kentucky - Graduate and Professional Showcase

Tuesday, October 4

  • Kent State University - Aeronautics Career Fair
  • Purdue University - College of Agriculture Career Fair
  • Purdue University - Graduate Student Career Fair
  • St. Mary's University - Risk Management and Insurance Career Fair
  • University of Akron - Engineering, Science and Technology Career Fair

Wednesday, October 5

  • New Mexico State University - Graduate and Professional School Fair
  • Northern Arizona University - Career & Graduate Expo
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Career Fair
  • University of Akron - Internship and Career Fair

Thursday, October 6

  • Boston University - School of Business Career Networking Expo
  • Loyola Marymount University - Career Expo
  • Montana State University - Job & Internship Fair
  • Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville - Career Fair
  • University of Akron - Graduate School Fair

Friday, October 7

  • California State University-Sacramento - All Majors Career Fair
  • Florida Gulf Coast University - Teacher Recruitment Fair

Click here to view the full roster of campus career center links.






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