GreekGab is about sharing smart talk to build smarter sororities and fraternities.

Greek Gab 

We build sustainable chapters by focusing on leadership, culture, sacred values and aligning your members, alumnae and advisers.

We can help your chapter ‘fill the gap’ when your national headquarters or regional staff just don’t have the time or resources.

We help chapters with challenges like:

  • Chapter dysfunction due to hazing, alcohol or drugs
  • Culture crisis with members and leaders who don’t understand their chapter’s values
  • Diagnosing and giving long term help with chapters that are on the brink of failure

Our services include:

  • Consulting following an incident (hourly)
  • Coaching and consulting with chapter officers
  • Chapter leadership retreats
  • Chapter turnaround projects
  • Recruitment training
  • Building chapter culture
  • Advisory/house corporation board consulting




GreekGab is for parents, college students, advisers and others who are looking for resources to help create a better Fraternity and Sorority experience.


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