Have Us Review Your Resume

Our vision is to help students secure great jobs before graduation. The first step for most students is to create an informative and appealing resume. To aid our quest, we invite students to send us their resumes for review and feedback.

Hundreds upon hundreds of resumes scroll past our eyes every year. Students sending resumes to us are actively seeking internships and full-time jobs in all types of industries. We happily review each one with care, then provide each student with constructive suggestions for improvement.


When reviewing each resume, we...

  • take an initial view, then re-view with a much closer eye
  • learn about the candidate's background, experience, and career pursuit
  • screen for typos and grammatical errors
  • scan for consistencies and inconsistencies
  • identify opportunities for improvement

Upon completion of review, we return the resume...usually in electronic format...with written and verbal changes and insight. We want the candidate to understand what we're reviewing, how we're making corrections, and why we're making constructive suggestions for improvement.

As we review each resume, we're also identifying companies for the student to consider pursuing for employment. Students who give us the "green light," may be directly introduced to employers, even when jobs aren't posted. We're happy to make these introductions and referrals.

Send us your resume for review and feedback.

There's no cost and absolutely no string attached. We sincerely want to be a catalyst in each student's career plan. And, if it helps employers get connected to quality talent, everyone benefits!

There are two ways to send us your resume...

  1. Students currently registered (or wish to register) in our online student-employer career network, may CLICK HERE to proceed.
  2. All students can simply CLICK HERE to email resumes to our director, Pete Parker, who will make sure they're reviewed in a timely manner.

We look forward to reviewing your resume and helping you take a big leap forward in your career planning!