Holiday Break Checklist

The Holiday Break couldn't have arrived at a better time. Finals are over and you're able to enjoy free time with family and friends. It's also a great time to recharge your batteries for a big spring semester drive.

The break provides you with an exceptional opportunity to boost your career opportunities...even while you're sitting on the couch. Below are a few ways you can enhance your career planning before you head back to school.

  1. Join the Career Network as a job-seeking candidate (click here)
  2. Build an online career profile at Greek Ladders. Here are some simple steps...
  3. Brush up on your personal brand. Here are some ways...
    • Make a list of your personal characteristics
    • Make a list of your experiences and skills
    • Clean up your social media accounts. Tip: think about what your mom would approve.
  4. Build your network. Try these ways...
    • Make conversations with everyone - family, friends, people in line at church or the grocery store, wherever. Ask questions about their careers, how they achieved success, if they know anyone in your desired career path, etc.
    • Add these people to your LinkedIn network. While you're at it, update your profile.
    • Followup the meaningful conversations with a hand-written card.

The Holiday Break presents a great opportunity to describe your career and life passions (practice your 30-second elevator), build your professional network (meet new people), learn career-planning tips from professionals (great mentoring!), and working on key resources (resume and LinkedIn revisions).

You can easily weave these tips into everything you do, making it less intimidating than you might think. If you want to learn more or practice with a Greek Ladders director, just click here to send us a quick email.





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