Invitation to Arizona Business and Non-Profit Professionals


Arizona-based business and non-profit leaders are invited to an evening of networking on the University of Arizona campus. There's no cost to participate in this unique opportunity to brand your business, share career planning insight, and meet future professional leaders.

On Monday, March 30, several fraternity and sorority chapters houses will be the sites of presentations and networking activities, aimed at preparing students for the University's Career Days, as well as making lifelong career connections.


Four organizations are currently hosting the career planning event, with the possibility of more to be added this week. The length of the events will vary, based on student needs, allotted timeframes, and desired subject matter. Each event is slated to start at 6:00pm.

Visit the Greek Ladders website for details.

Greek Ladders is overseeing the events and is recruiting business and non-profit leaders to speak and network at each location. Leaders interested in participating in the 30-60 minute events are asked to RSVP at the earliest convenience. Once registered, Greek Ladders will make contact to place at specific locations.

RSVP today and participate in this unique event connecting professionals with student leaders.



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