Job Interview Infographic

In case you missed it, YouTern posted a blog featuring a job interview cheat sheet infographic, as designed by the Resume Writing Lab.

The Job Interview Cheat Sheet Infographic provides the following:

  • Popular non-verbal mistakes during job interviews
  • Key influences which take place during interviews


Click here or the above graphic to see the entire Infographic.


From our perspective, the actual percentage numbers are not important. However, it helps job-seekers understand what some recruiters may recognize during interviews.

The article identifies the worst mistakes during interviews as:

  • Over-explaining the reasons for leaving past jobs
  • Not asking any questions
  • Over-selling yourself

At the same time, it offers the following tips for successful interviewing:

  • Arrive early
  • Be prepared
  • Look good

One statistic we found interesting from the study: 33% of bosses admit that they make the hiring decision within the first 90 seconds of the interview.

While we feel it might be a bit extreme, it serves as a reminder that first impressions set the tone for each interaction, such as job interviews.





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