Kappa Sigma

We had a blast at Conclave!


Founded by Kappa Sigma alumni, Greek Ladders provides career planning tools to candidates seeking ideal employment. This is done through career coaching and actual introductions to employers seeking quality talent. Students and alumni seeking employment, as well as employers, utilize Greek Ladders in two predominant ways...


  • Students utilize website to learn and apply career development best practices.
  • Job seekers create profiles in the Career Network, allowing Greek Ladders staff to review, advise, and guide forward.
  • Employers review job seeker profiles to find potential future hires.
  • Employers post jobs on the Greek Ladders Job Board.
  • Candidates use the Job Board to post resumes and apply for jobs.
  • Greek Ladders directors frequently introduce candidates and recruiters via email.


  • Candidates attend workshops to learn about job searches, resume writing, networking, interviewing
  • Industry leaders share insight through panel discussions
  • Students and professionals participate in career events, such as resume reviews, networking mixers, and career carnivals
  • Greek Ladders directors seek to create opportunities for face-to-face interactions between candidates and recruiters.


Message to Conclave attendees...

If you did not have your resume reviewed at the Greek Ladders booth, post it on our site (click here). We'll give it a close look, provide constructive feedback, and send it back. To post it, you may need to create a Free Access account.


Our objective is to connect all Greeks to opportunities!

Greek Ladders, which first exhibited at the 2013 Conclave, is now working with candidates from 102 colleges to find ideal first employment or career advancement. Thousands of job seekers receive informational emails, participate in events, and are introduced to potential employers on a regular basis. Greek Ladders directors speak at large conferences (NGLA, AFLV, Circle of Change, NACTE, etc.), speak at college campuses (University of Nevada, University of Arizona, Weber State University, Union College, etc.), and interface with corporate executives on a regular basis. 


Greek Ladders is a resource to...

Students - you'll learn the steps necessary to find ideal employment. We'll share advice based on your experiences and career interests, connect you with career leaders on campus, introduce you to potential employers, review your resume. We'll even coach you minutes before your job interview!

Alumni - if you're seeking to advance your career, we'll connect you to potential job opportunities and recruiters. We'll also provide feedback on your resume. If you're looking to hire great talent, we'll introduce you to young leaders, who may be the talent you're seeking.

Chapters - we'll design a career development program to benefit each undergraduate member. This includes a custom career guide, assistance with career functions, best practices presentations, and introductions to corporate leaders. We'll even help recruit chapter alumni to hire and mentor chapter members.

Campuses - similar to how we can benefit chapters, our directors are available to speak to all members of Fraternity & Sorority Life about careers, networking, community leadership, alumni/ae relations and more. We'll even coordinate a Greek-only career expo!

National Organizations - we're already working with one, why couldn't we help others, like Kappa Sigma. We'll design a program which engages alumni, parents, and students to coach, mentor, and hire!

Employers - we bring you multiple opportunities to meet strong talent, establish relationships with aspiring leaders, and recruit for shadowing, internship, part-time, and full-time opportunities.


Ask Pete or Matt about Greek Ladders and anything related to careers. They love to provide advice, brainstorm fresh ideas, and create big opportunities. While you're here, browse the website for tips and tricks. Be sure to "join" the Career Network, so our directors can provide career planning advice. Also, search for jobs and post your resume on the Job Board. Sound a bit much? I suppose, but if it drives you twenty steps closer to landing the job of your dreams, the five minutes of investment will pay off in spades!


Did you know???

We created a strategic partnership with Fraternity Management Group! In fact, we're exhibiting at Conclave together. Click here to learn more about the partnership.