Let's Talk about Career Planning at Weber State

Pete's heading to Weber State for a career planning presentation on Tuesday, October 24th.


The topic of the presentation is Leadership: Building Your Future Career Seminar.

Pete's presentation will be highly interactive. Typically designed for 45-60 minutes, the schedule has him speaking for 2.5 hours. This gives students an incredible opportunity to invest a little time toward their career planning.

Students can expect to:

  • Identify their current skills and characteristics.
  • Learn how to pickup and practice skills sought by recruiters.
  • Tap into their current leadership practices to connect to workplace opportunities.
  • Learn where the Career Center is located on campus and why it's a great resource.
  • Understand everything about networking - why, how, when, with whom, what's next.
  • Learn how to master career fairs.
  • Be prepared for changes in their lives, which may alter their career paths.
  • and more!

They'll also see that merely applying for jobs yields poor success, while taking simple steps can bring them closer to their dream jobs.

For more information about attending the seminar, click here.

Special opportunity for Weber State students -- Pete will review your resume before arriving in Ogden. Simply click this link to email your resume directly to Pete. Be sure to bring a copy. He might also have extra time after the seminar to meet face-to-face with you.


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