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Teach for America is on a mission to enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence.

Education needs the most driven, passionate leaders your generation has to offer. By joining Teach For America, you’ll join a powerful force taking on the fight of our time. In the classroom, you’ll be challenged to think creatively and lead boldly. You’ll leverage your unique talents to make an impact while living your most deeply held values.

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For many college students, the anxiety of landing a job is matched only by the uncertainty of whether or not it will be the right job. You want to be on the front lines of change, while getting fulfillment from your work.

There are steps you can take to ensure your first job allows you to make a big impact right away. Internships, volunteer activities, and staying informed can all lead you to the right job. Learn how Teach For America can help you get started now.

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We recruit remarkable and diverse individuals to become teachers in low-income communities. They commit to teach for two years and are hired by our partner public schools across the country. During these two years they are called corps members.

We train and support corps members in the practices of great teachers and leaders. With hard work, perseverance, and strong partnerships with their students, students’ families, and communities, corps members can dramatically increase the opportunities available to their students in school and in life.

Corps members don’t just teach their students, they learn from them. At the end of two years, they use those lessons to choose their path forward. Many stay in the classroom. Others move into politics, school leadership, nonprofit work, advocacy, and more. All of their paths matter because together they form a network—connecting, expanding, and strengthening the movement to give all kids access to a great education.

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