Millennial Study - InternMatch 2014 Career Center Study

We introduce InternMatch and its 2014 Career Center Study. We provided a few highlights, an infographic, and link to the study. You're encouraged to click and learn more.

The recent study found that students view career centers as an incredibly important part of the college experience, but said they are lacking in key areas from staffing to how often they tweet out roles and events.

Key stats include:

  • 49% of students say their career centers are either never or rarely teaching them new professional skills
  • 83% of students said it would be useful if their career center provided career related social media updates
  • 61% of students say their career centers are either never or rarely effective in helping them land a job
  • 94% of students ay career centers are essential
  • 57% of students said their career center is never or almost never effective at giving advice on different career paths
  • 1,889-1 average ratio of students to career service professionals
  • 63% of students rely on free/paid online services
  • 45% of students said they would like their career center to offer more classes and workshops




According to InterMatch, the report found that career centers are stretched thin financially and struggle to help students develop their career path. Most students want career centers to focus more on workshops and advising as most students have become comfortable using online resources for direct internship and entry-level job searching.

Click here to read the full report.

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