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We feature a study conducted by Bentley University's PreparedU Project, to help prepare millennials for career and life success. Included are stats, an infographic, a slideshare, and link for the full report.

The Millennial Preparedness Survey questioned 3,000 respondents across nine audiences and examined skills, traits, use of technology, workplace attitudes and expectations, along with opinions of executives about millennials and vice versa, and much more. The survey identified a number of solutions to alleviate the preparedness problem and found high levels of agreement among different stakeholders on those solutions. But the study also highlights a lack of consensus in how stakeholders actually define preparedness and views vary on which skills are needed.

Key stats include:

  • by 2025, millennials will make up as much as 75% of the global workforce
  • 51% of millennials prefer to communicate with colleagues by talking in person
  • 89% of millennials regularly check work email after work hours
  • 80% of millennials believe they’ll stay with four or fewer companies for their entire career

bentley university preparedu bridging the preparedness gap 

The role of higher education and the curricular options that can anchor new models of learning were among the most attractive options identified. In particular, greater fusion between theoretical and applied learning, along with greater collaboration and integration with corporations and other employers, were deemed most promising by research participants.

The following SlideShare presentation describes the PreparedU Project.



Click here to access the full report.

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