Nevada Fall 2014 Career Fair Challenge

We created a unique referral initiative to encourage Nevada fraternity and sorority members to make the most of the University of Nevada Fall Career Fair. It’s more than just a referral, it’s our invitation to leverage each opportunity and take your career planning to an exciting level.

Here’s how to get our referral:

  • Join the Greek Ladders Career Network (click here if you haven’t joined yet)
  • RSVP for the Fall Career Fair on the Greek Ladders Career Network to earn big Career Capital points
  • Visit as many businesses and nonprofits as possible. However, don’t just visit…actually spend time participating in conversations.
  • Collect business cards and/or contact information from each booth.
  • Send an email to Pete from Greek Ladders, containing all of the contact information for each business and/or nonprofit organization.

We will send an email to each representative you visited and invite a “re-connection” to the employer. Better yet, for those which you’re heavily targeting, we’ll call the employer and personally recommend your candidacy.

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