The new and more interactive Greek Ladders website

Greek Ladders launched the new school year with a new website. The changes were made based on desires for greater access from both employers and job-seekers.

Looking for ways to increase interest and involvement of job-seeking candidates, the new website enables provides greater access to events, resources, and career profiles.

Those using the website since its inception will notice the following key improvements:

Expanded Resource Section

The section makes it easy for visitors to catch up on news and information, while learning best practices to job-seeking and hiring. The Greek Ladders U section now allows visitors to share their own experiences, thus creating the opportunity for greater interactivity.


Responsive Events Section

In response to the increasing number of career events, which Greek Ladders is hosting, coordinating, or endorsing, the events section provides details and RSVP functionality. This gives the speakers advanced information, as well as enable attendees to track their participation.



Registration Ease

The previous multi-step process is now a one-step solution. Candidates can manage their profiles as their career planning progresses. All data collected through registration and profile management is private, secure, and not released to anyone. That said, collecting key career data increases the chances of being matched with employers and ideal employment opportunities.



Visitors to the new website should find that it’s far more user-responsive, social media friendly, track-able, and visually appealing. Candidates and employers can join the Career Network using their email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Those taking advantage of the website will notice the “Career Capital” tool. Actions taken by each candidate, such as “sharing” a best practice via Facebook and Twitter, RSVPing for events, submitting blogs, and inviting others to join earn points. When employers seek candidates who are eager, interested, and engaged in their career planning, the “career capital” tool enables Greek Ladders executives to easily identify top candidates.

Everyone involved in fraternity and sorority life may use Greek Ladders to find first jobs, advance careers, and seek ideal candidates. While employers pay fees to recruit talented candidates, all others may join at no cost. This includes students, alumni, parents, chapters, and campuses.

For more information, contact 775-333-9444 or send an email.

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