New opportunities for job-seeking students

The 2016/2017 school year brings considerable excitement and possibilities to college students. The same can be said for the employers seeking to find young talent for internship and full-time positions.

Since March 2013, Greek Ladders has been a source of leadership, resources, referrals, advice, and connections to students seeking internships and full-times. We've seen countless students secure great employment and, at the same time, received thanks from many employment recruiters on their great new hires.


We've become a source of support and connection to upwards of 25,000 students, affiliated with 95 different colleges. At no financial cost to students, these candidates have access to career planning best practices, career-launching tips, resume reviews, and an online career profile. Those who take advantage of our Career Network are the same people who send us texts, emails, and calls to thank for connecting them to great employers and jobs.

Based on feedback we've received from students over the past year, we've designed a few new enhancements. Our primary two goals are strong value and employment connections. The following new offerings will definitely bring students closer to securing internships and full-time jobs:

  • Students will be introduced to employers more frequently and proactively than in the past. To qualify for the introductions, students will need to complete a certain degree of their online career profile and submit a resume.
  • Upon joining the Greek Ladders Career Network, each student’s social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) will be scanned. Advice will be given, especially to develop a more appealing LinkedIn profile.
  • Upon joining the Career Network, students will be invited to conduct an in-person meeting or phone call to help Greek Ladders better understand career interests, and answer questions.

We also designed a new offering to benefit fraternity and sorority chapters, which can easily be adapted to all campus organizations. We can design a career certification model, which provides a checklist of career planning steps, tracks performance, and provides overall guidance. In fact, the model can be blended with existing and future student engagement programs.

We're excited by the new offerings and expect to see a significant increase in student engagement within our Career Network, as well as through career services on their college campuses.



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