Characteristics of successful mentoring relationships

When designing a path toward launching successful careers, everyone could use a little guidance. Mentoring is an optimal tool for candidates to utilize on the career planning path. Read more

Tips to a successful cover letter

A cover letter is a professional business letter that introduces you to prospective employers and should always accompany a resume. In the form of a narrative, it provides depth to your resume, highlighting your strongest qualifications, stressing how you can meet the employer’s needs. Read more

What to do when there are no career fairs

For most students, career fairs occur between 1-3 times each semester. The time between each employment expo gives students extraordinary time to take advantage of preparation and followup activities. Read more

Skill sets sought by recruiters

When recruiters are tasked with finding the right talent for specific positions, they must seek certain skill sets. Read more

Homecoming can get you a job

Homecoming presents an incredible opportunity to connect with alumni, possibly resulting in a job or internship. It's a great time to celebrate the University's history and big game with fellow chapter members, but be sure to take advantage of the alums on campus. Read more

Career Fair Best Practices

Career fairs present ideal opportunities for both students and employers. For students, having dozens of employers essentially come to them is a golden chance to make great connections. For employers, they're given a chance to meet and screen candidates for possible internships and post-graduate jobs. Here are eight best practices for students to consider as they prepare for career fairs on their campuses. Read more

Employment recruiters want results

Every recruiter seeks success through the hiring of outstanding and promising talent. Every business and non-profit utilizing our career network has the exact same goal. The Greek Ladders model connects employers with candidates on a regular basis. Read more

Career planning can begin during freshman year

As soon as students start their college courses, they are placed on a track to pursue personal and professional success. No matter the field of study, each student seeks employment as soon as they graduate. While the courses of study are designed to prepare eventual graduates for success in the workplace, there are a number of resources designed to develop these students into outstanding leaders. Read more

Back to School Tips

The arrival of students on college campus for the fall semester is marked by hope and excitement. It's also the start of campus recruiting! Read more

Career Fairs...they're back!

We've said it time and time again, career fairs are not the end-all-be-all of finding great jobs. However, when can you find an opportunity when 50+ employers are within such close range?! Read more


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