No Career Fairs yet? Here are a few tips to get ready

Tough situation. You're on campus and ready to meet with employers, but there no career fairs to attend. What do you do?

Career fairs regularly take place on college campus...some more frequent than others. Rather than sit idly by when there's little career event activity on campus, take advantage of the free time to gear up for the next.

Here are four simple recommendations to preparing for the next career fair.


Update Your Resume

If you don't have a resume, now is a great time to start piecing one together. It can be intimidating, at first, so don't be afraid to ask for a little assistance. Campus career centers serve as great resources. Be sure to include brief descriptions of our campus and chapter involvement.


Invite others to proof your resume

It's a great way to elicit feedback from a third party and it helps clean up grammatical errors and typos. We're happy to give your resume a review. Just email it to us.


Research employers

Get a list of exhibitors at the upcoming career fairs. Visit your campus's career center website or walk in an ask for a list. Once you have the list, highlight the employers you wish to target. Then, conduct research on each to either a) rule out a few, and/or b) collect valuable insight (hiring practices, corporate culture, key players, finances, contact information, and job/internship openings).


Career fairs are exceptional opportunities to meet a large group potential employers at one time without leaving campus. Set yourself apart from other candidates, by following these simple career planning steps.

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