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Greek Ladders Involvement:

The Ohio Gamma Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon is constantly looking for ways to push its members to achieve success beyond graduation. We believe that Greek Ladders' program will help our members to be more connected with our Chapter's alumni and connect our undergraduates to employment opportunities in the Columbus area and beyond. A formal online network will provide undergraduates a great resource to contact people who are successful in their field and employers in their area of interest. The online resource will also allow our members to stay organized, track their progress and goals through their undergraduate career, and easily share personal information about experience with potential employers.


Leadership & Career Philosophy:

Sigma Phi Epsilon believes in building balanced men who strive to cultivate sounds minds, sound bodies, and healthy spirits. Every semester our brothers set SMART goals in these three categories to strive to become better by being well-rounded rather than just performing well only in academics or socially. Our brothers strive to make a difference in the world while embodying our cardinal principles: virtue, diligence, and brotherly love.


Key links

Ohio State University Career Center – be sure to take advantage of what the Center has to offer

Greek Ladders Career Calendar – check often to see if there’s a career-related workshop, reception, or fair at the chapter house or elsewhere on campus

Chapter Career Mentor Program – learn more about what the program could look like



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