Our new job board already making great connections!

Two months ago, we quietly added a new job board to our Greek Ladders website. The addition has already show great promise.

The change was made for three primary reasons:

  1. We wanted a quicker and sharper way for students to review postings and apply for jobs.
  2. We wanted to provide employers with an easy way to post jobs.
  3. The previous format was difficult to navigate and did not provide a quick way to post jobs.

With the new system, employers can quickly and easily post jobs without the assistance of Greek Ladders staff or their own IT departments. The process is very simple. All employers need to do is establish an account, select the preferred job posting offer, and post the job. It takes just minutes!

The benefit is almost more significant to candidates. For starters, it's much easier to browse for jobs and learn more about each employer. Like the existing Greek Ladders Career Network, candidates can post resumes for employers to view. However, this system allows only employers, who are registered in the network, to browse resumes. In the same fashion, candidates can upload resumes when they apply for various jobs.

We're excited about the new system. The initial intent was to add the new job board in advance of the Fall 2017 college semester, but we're already seeing promising results. Feedback from both employers and candidates has been very positive.

Take a look at the new job board and let us know what you think - www.greekladders.com/job_resume_board





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