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Greek Ladders and inqiri have entered a partnership to provide greater value to the collegiate recruitment space. inqiri, of Reno, Nevada, designed a unique cognitive assessment system used by businesses and government agencies to better understand core needs as a stimulus in the decision-making process.

As the Greek Ladders Career Network grows, so too do the issues, obstacles, and opportunities of the candidates and employers using the network. Employers seek to find the right talent to not only fill employment openings, but to ensure the new hires will fit workplace cultures, roles, and expectations. On the flip side, the candidates (especially students) using the Career Network, are relatively new to the career planning process and, as such, looking for ways to become more appealing to employer recruiters and secure ideal employment.


inqiri operates the premier online collaborative decision-making platform. Its technology combines the power of collective intelligence with a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) methodology. The inqiri solution provides organizations with a structured, objective, rational technique for improving decisions. Greek Ladders matches employers with ideal talent, while connecting candidates to career coaching and, naturally, internship and full-time job opportunities. Together, Greek Ladders and inqiri will dig to the root of each obstacle facing both employers and candidates, in the realm of employment recruitment, to provide more responsive, efficient, and long-lasting solutions. 

Most immediately, Greek Ladders will implement the inqiri system at two campuses: the University of Nevada and the University of Arizona. "We targeted these two because the fraternities and sororities on both campuses have really embraced the Greek Ladders model and they're in our backyards," says Pete Parker, co-founder of Greek Ladders. "We're planted in Tucson and Reno, affording us a greater hand-on participation with understanding candidate and employer connection needs."

"We're excited to apply our collective intelligence application on the university level," says James Elste, co-founder of inqiri. "We've used our system to help businesses better understand employee engagement, but this will open new doors to employee recruitment, particularly with new young professional hires."

Given that Greek Ladders has created collaborative relationships with career centers and fraternity/sorority life offices on both campuses, those officials will receive access to data and understanding on a near real-time basis. Doing so allows them to craft or revise strategies, which favor the best interests of student candidates.







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