Path to Candidate Preference

The best way to get your job candidacy considered by employers is to be totally on top of your career planning game. Through Greek Ladders, job-seekers are introduced to employers through career events (workshops, networking receptions, etc.), personally recommended, and viewed through your online career profile.

There are thousands of job and internship seeking candidates in the Greek Ladders Career Network. These candidates are current students and young professionals, affiliated with college campuses throughout the United States. Many simply exist in the network, doing nothing more than maybe adding their Greek affiliation or a social media connection. Others provide a bit more about their education and campus involvement. But, those who want to get noticed, take just ten minutes to complete their entire profile. These candidates receive the most attention by Greek Ladders staff and, undoubtedly, the employers using our network.

The more we know about you, the more we recommend you to potential employers. The primary ways for us to truly know you is by talking, emailing, and having a completely full career profile.

Below is our "Path to Candidate Preference." Follow this path and you'll join our most preferred candidate list.

path to success

Click on the following links to completely fill out your online career profile. Should you encounter a problem with posting your resume, simply email it to us and we'll post it for you.

We'll track your progression. That way, we can help you navigate your career path.

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