Recommended Speakers

We interface with outstanding leaders every day, some of whom travel the country speaking to businesses, schools, and at large conferences. These incredible experts share stories, insights, best practices, and advice in the areas of leadership and career development. We're proud to showcase a number of these outstanding leaders, who are passionate about college life and student leadership, and strongly recommend booking them for speaking engagements.


Alexa Carlin


My mission is to inspire, motivate, and empower students to love and believe in themselves so they can accomplish anything they dream! Using storytelling, students will learn how to gain confidence in themselves, step into a leadership role in their own life and school community, and unleash their inner greatness so they can make a difference in the world. My presentations are impactful, engaging, and transformative because my story is one of the own. Focusing on women empowerment, leadership, chasing after your dreams, and the power of positive thinking, my message is one every future leader needs to hear.

  • Employment: Founder of Hello Perfect®
  • Education: University of Florida (BA, Business Administration)
  • Topics: personal empowerment, healthy lifestyles, making a difference

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Casey Cornelius

Casey CorneliusCasey J. Cornelius, Founder and CEO of ForCollegeForLife, travels the country helping students maximize their full potential.  His programs are dynamic, engaging and inspirational focusing on leadership, group dynamics and the relationship between daily choices and achieving long-term goals.  A proud Pi Kappa Phi, Casey believes Greek organizations allow students tremendous opportunities they would not otherwise imagine.  In addition to his work with ForCollegeForLife, Casey serves as Regional Advisor to the Leadership Institute at Michigan State University and on the Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Engagement Committee.

  • Employment: Founder and CEO of ForCollegeForLife
  • Education: University of Toledo (BA, MA), University of Illinois (M.Ed.), and Texas Tech University (Doctoral candidate)
  • Affiliation: Pi Kappa Phi
  • Topics: leadership, success, navigating the college and life journeys

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Eddie Francis


Eddie Francis leverages his combined 30-plus years of mass media and career development experience to reach college students and young professionals. Having even done a stint as a stand-up comedian, he packs his presentations with energy, candor, humor, and interaction to meet audiences where they are. A recruiter who once served as a director of public relations, Eddie passionately addresses young audiences about personal branding, social media, leadership, and designing winning resumes. Most importantly, he encourages Greeks in sharing his experiences as a college chapter president, a former campus advisor, and an active alumni member.

  • Employment:  Partner/Communication Ace of Francis Communication and Development Partners, LLC
  • Education:  Loyola University New Orleans (B.A., Mass Communication)
  • Affiliation:  Alpha Phi Alpha
  • Topics:  Personal branding, social media and careers, resume design, and leadership

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Joshua Fredenburg


Joshua Fredenburg is a nationally acclaimed speaker, media commentator, leadership/diversity consultant, relationship expert, author of five books, and President of the Circle of Change Leadership Conference. He has served as a keynote speaker for different lectures, conferences, retreats, and trainings at various colleges, non-profit organizations, and corporate events in forty four different states.

  • Employment: President and Founder of Circle of Change Leadership
  • Education: Nova Southeastern University
  • Affiliation: Phi Beta Sigma
  • Topics: leadership, vision, impact

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Derrick Furlow


My programs are designed to 3 things. Impact your perspective, Inspire you to be great, and Empower you with the tools and knowledge for what it takes!

  • Employment: CEO and President of Impact, Inspire, & Empower LLC
  • Education: University of Tennessee (BS, MA)

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Kellie George

Kellie George

Kellie R. George is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Leadership Trainer.  She has over 32 years experience in public speaking, business development, sales, marketing, and business management.

  • Employment: Certified Human Behavior Consultant; Independent Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Teacher, and Speaker
  • Education: Arizona State University
  • Topic: Developing internal talent

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Becky Graham


Millennials need to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to meet the demands and thrive in this new economy. In this session, Becky Graham, the Millennial #Solutionist, will discuss what the global workforce will look like moving into 2050. She’ll zero in on skills needed to compete and thrive in the global economy and she'll teach Millennials how to empower others to succeed. In the words of Henry Ford, "If everyone is moving forward together, success will take care of itself."

  • Employment: Founder and Chief Solutionist at GenYize
  • Education: Samford University (BA, Communications)
  • Topics: millennials, leadership, mentoring

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Tru Pettigrew

trupettigrew.jpgTru Pettigrew leverages his combined 20+ years of corporate, entrepreneurial and entertainment experience to engage, inspire and empower millennial audiences across the country. Tru’s areas of subject matter expertise include leadership, inclusion and millennial insights. He has mastered the art of edutainment and is often referred to as to as the “millennial empowerment expert” for his ability to empower members of this generation to lead with purpose in every area of their lives. Tru’s signature talk “GPS to Purpose” helps young people thrive in their role in whatever team, fraternity, sorority, corporation, or organization they are a part of. Tru’s passion, enthusiasm and signature style has proven to be a perfect fit for helping millennials understand how to appropriately define and achieve success.

  • Employment: Founder and CEO of Tru Access
  • Education: DeVry University
  • Topics: millennials, leadership, leveraging purpose

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Holly Pilcavage


Project Puzzle Piece is based on inspiration, motivation, stimulation – call it what you want. It is the fire that needs to be fueled from your own self to remain lit and to spread to the surrounding logs until the fire is no longer containable. Life is not meant to be lived within four walls. Break them down and see what is on the other side to be accomplished or overcome. Some are inspired by emotions, touch, art, acts of kindness, seeing someone passionate about something, hope, optimism, past experiences, personal struggles, children, poetry, friends, and the list can go on and on. What it comes down to is the fact that we all need something to believe in as we pursue our authentic self in our leadership roles, careers, and philanthropies.

  • Employment: Founder of Project Puzzle Piece
  • Education: University of Scranton (BS), University of Akron (ME)
  • Topics: personal image, purpose, passion

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Kristin Wing


Launched in 2014 by award winning Greek adviser, Kristin Wing, GreekGab  was created as a resource for parents, members, alumni and university staff. The company has expanded into consulting services including risk management (sexual assault, alcohol/drug abuse); training including leadership, values and recruitment strategies; help with policy development and Title IX requirements; aligning chapters with alumni; and troubled chapter turnarounds. 

  • Employment: Founder of GreekGab
  • Education: University of Iowa (BS, Communications), Webster University (MA, Marketing)
  • Affiliation: Delta Gamma
  • Topics: chapter culture, management, and leadership

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