Reasons to attend career fairs

Career fairs present great opportunities for students to amplify their career planning. Unfortunately, many college students and recent graduates have never attended a fair. Career fairs taking place on college campuses present ideal networking opportunities, enabling students to meet potential employers. These are great places to advance career plans and make great contacts.

Most students look online for their jobs, rather than attend career fairs and on-campus career workshops. While applying for jobs and internships online is not a poor best practice, it should not be the sole avenue of job-seeking. There still are many companies that do not post jobs online. By not attending job fairs, students are missing out on ideal career and professional connection opportunities.

Here are several reasons why students should attend and, more importantly, actively participate at career fairs:

  • Meet potential employers.
  • Gather information to help chose a major.
  • Be evaluated on more than just the resume.
  • Obtain information about careers to consider.
  • Learn more about jobs.
  • Make a good impression with a professional in a specific industry or representing a desirable company.
  • Increase the chances of the resume being considered.
  • Increase personal/professional network by collecting contact information from business/nonprofit leaders.
  • Introduces to the realities of the job search.
  • Escalates the possibility of meeting a fraternity/sorority alum, who recognizes the values and skills associated with Greek Life.
  • Prompts students to do something about their resumé writing and interviewing skills.
  • Provides a chance to polish networking skills.
  • Great opportunity for situational leadership.
  • Students and employers, registered in the Greek Ladders Career Network, will be able strengthen their relationships by meeting in person.
  • There’s a chance to be signed up for an interview on the spot!

In order to maximize the career fair experience, students must be active participants and not just “window shop” when walking past the many booths. It is essential to chat with the employer representatives and ask meaningful questions.

Much of the job search process — before students can even get an interview — for the job seeker and the employer in trying to find good candidates, is not done in person. It involves employers screening resumes and cover letters, and job-seekers reading about employers and viewing their websites, and the like.

Career fairs present students with the advantage of opportunities to meet employers face-to-face.