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Today’s highly competitive employee recruitment world has employers spending considerable time and money to find the ideal candidates to their companies. Their recruitment of college students and young professionals places them on campuses and in communities across the country, where they attend career fairs, present at small workshops, and interface with career-related staff members. As a result, the candidates, career specialists, and recruiters can be overwhelmed with scores of names, some information, and a bit of frustration.

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Greek Ladders serves as a liaison between the recruiter and the individual job-seeker. We do this in two ways:

Candidate Connection - In this model, we proactively introduce employers to candidates, particularly on campuses where we have the heaviest presence. This is done through on-site events, such as workshops, small group gatherings, and networking mixers. Employers using this model also receive access to our online network of candidates. Click for more information.

Staffing Solution - In this model, we proactively introduce candidates to employers for specific positions to fill. These employers do not participate in our career functions nor the online network, but do receive recommended candidates, as a result of our identification and matching processes. Click for more information.

Our goal is to connect strong talent, whom are seeking ideal employment, with outstanding employers. We target active leaders on college campuses, as well as strong businesses and non-profit organizations, located throughout the world.

We encourage you to learn about our solutions through our website and scheduling a call with us.


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