The Good, the Not As Good, and the Opportunity

Tonight's Nevada All-Greek Career Workshop was a true representation of what Greek Ladders is all about...creating opportunities of ideal candidate-to-employer relationship building.

Simply coined as a "resume review," the workshop turned out to be much more for everyone involved. Like many other parts of life, there was the good, the not as good, and the opportunity.

Clearly, the "not as good" was the turnout. Only five students participated in the resume review. Though each of the five shared their frustration as to why others didn't join, they definitely did not leave upset.

resumereview-sept2014-photo2.jpgThe "good" was easily the commitment made by local business leaders. We're truly grateful for the time and feedback provided by the following five outstanding business leaders:

  • Amber Wadginski - Silver Legacy Resort & Casino and Eldorado Hotel Casino
  • Christine Sexton - Silver Legacy Resort & Casino and Eldorado Hotel Casino
  • Amy Ludwick - AFLAC
  • John Kukulica - AFLAC
  • Keith Ryan - New York Life

These five took time off work and away from families to arrive on time and ready to connect with students. Though New York Life and Silver Legacy/Eldorado are already employer members of Greek Ladders, they weren't too dismayed by the turnout. Why?

The "opportunity" was clearly the optimal time spent with the students. Typically, students would only get about 10 minutes with one employer at a resume review. Tonight, each received no less than 30 minutes with each employer! Each student left with a thorough analysis of their resume...from more than one business leader, quality conversation...relationship-building...time was spent with each leader.

In retrospect, despite their frustrations with fellow Greeks, the five students took full advantage of the opportunity.





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