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Recruiters routinely seek advantages of identifying promising talent for their businesses, non-profits, government agencies, etc. Employers registered in the Greek Ladders Career Network are provided direct access to candidates seeking internships and full-time jobs. One simple and effective way is through the online career network featuring career profiles.


The information displayed on career profiles is populated by each candidate. Those showing the most interest will complete information relating to his/her affiliations, education, involvement, experience, and career interests. In addition, each candidate is encouraged to post his/her resume. Since most candidates using the career network wish for their profiles to viewed by employers, the end product will resemble the sample below.




Access to candidate profiles is only provided to employers registered as annual subscribers to the career network. Given the type of subscription (all candidates or select campuses), employer representatives will have access to candidate directories, similar to the one featured in this graphic.



Included in the listing are the candidate's name, career capital, university, major, and career interests. Directories, unlike the one featured here, will list candidates in order of career capital. This allows candidates, who are extremely engaged with their career pursuits, to be listed at the top.


This feature affords employers with the opportunity of understanding the interests and backgrounds of candidates, who leverage the network to launch their careers. The "insider's view" of candidates allows each individual job-seeker to enhance his or her appeal to impress and engage employers.


If you're seeking ideal talent from which to fill internship and full-time positions, the Greek Ladders Career Network brings you up close to promising staff leaders. CLICK HERE to register into the network and get connected to ideal talent.





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