Service enhancements made during summer

This summer has been particularly busy for the Greek Ladders team. A great deal of time was spent evaluating the past year with our employers and candidates, designing new strategies, and welcoming new collaborative partners. All these efforts point to the same end goal - creating valuable career connections between candidates and employers.

We took the feedback and suggestions of job-seekers and recruiters and added two components to our services. These enhancements streamline services to employers, while providing valuable direction to our candidates.

Tier System

The Greek Ladders Career Network is utilized by students and young alumni on 84 different college campuses. Some campuses are represented by just one candidate, while others provide direct access to hundreds or thousands. Rather than charge employers a set fee, regardless of our candidate presence, we implemented a more reasonable fee scale.

While we work hard to connect each candidate in our network with employers, the Tier system allows us to introduce employers to groups of candidates at one time. By clicking here, you'll see the roster of our most active campuses. If your campus is on the list, click your school for a special career guide. If your campus is not listed, we're ready to help make that happen for you. Just contact us and we'll help make that happen!

Click here to learn more about our new Tier system.


Job Placement

In the short period of time since we launched Greek Ladders, we've been extremely successful introducing employers to candidates. Whether it's through access to candidate profiles, presentations at chapters, facilitating workshops, or attending networking mixers, we regularly bring recruiters to job-seekers. This model works great fr businesses which seek large numbers of candidates, manage career recruiting strategies, and frequent college campuses. A number of businesses have asked us to create a model, which brings candidates to them.

To meet the demand, we now offer placement services to employers and their recruiters. In this new model, we will present candidates to employers to meet their hiring needs. Upon each hire, the employer will pay a reasonable flat fee for the placement.

The staffing approach can be utilized by our current employers, too.

Employers interested in blending placement services with their current model or solely using our placement services, should click here to learn more or get started.


Our success will continue to grow thanks to our strong relationships with both candidates and employers. Ideas and feedback received enable us to provide greater solutions. Be on the lookout for developments!

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