Setting millennials up for workforce success

An article written by Jason Kulpa, CEO of Underground Elephant, offers millennials with tips on how to prepare for success. Upon review of the informative article, “Snapshot of the millennial workforce: Setting yourself up for success,” we target two of the tips.

According to Kulpa, “Millennials, when you're trying to break into the workforce, presenting your unique skills can take some creative effort.” Below are two of his four tactics to utilize:

  1. Learn to talk. Kulpa suggests that millennials learn to speak to high-level executives. We believe this is a valuable tool. Making connections at this level requires an understanding of oneself, an ability to articulate a personal descrption (such as a 30-second elevator), and a desire to develop professional relationships. Networking with high-level executives is one thing, but capitalizing on these opportunities relies on strong preparation and interest.
  2. Connect with older generations. Kulpa mentions that each generation has its strengths and weaknesses. We totally agree. That said, we believe college students and young professionals can benefit to talking to leaders of all ages, all generations. There are many people from the silent generation, baby boomers, and Xers who would be willing to share invaluable insight to millennials. This insight on workforce culture and inter-generational relationships can broaden the horizons impacting professional and community pursuits.


Great piece by Jason Kulpa, who suggests that it’s “an exciting time to be entering the workforce, as we're seeing the next generation of thought leaders graduate from different areas of life.” As an estimated 75% of the workforce in 2030 will be led by millennials, it's vital that we provide them with ideal tools, resources, and guidance to launch and advance careers.


Click here to read the full article, posted at on October 26, 2015.

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