Share your Philanthropy Chair experience

We want to know about your experience as a Philanthropy Chair.

We're conducting an assessment of philanthropy chairs for three principle reasons:

  1. illustrate importance of philanthropy as an exceptional function of Greek life
  2. highlight skills and tasks as transferable into the professional workplace
  3. present best practices to future philanthropy chairs

Serving as a fraternity or sorority chapter's chair of philanthropy takes a great deal of work, as it's one of the primary ways a chapter makes a difference and is recognized on a college campus and in the local community. We believe the skills utilized by successful chairs, as well as the tasks each leader practices will be applied as these individuals exceed in their respective careers. 

If you're a past or current Philanthropy Chairperson, you're encouraged to take two minutes to answer three simple questions. Below are some of the responses we've received.


  • organize their organizations major philanthropy events, encourage their members to complete community service hours
  • Organize events chapter wide, spread the word about your chapter's cause, raise money
  • organizes events for fundraising efforts, provides opportunities to volunteer within Greek life/the university/the community
  • Coordinate with the university and nationals on what philanthropic events are permitted
  • all community service hours and donations by our members. We insure an average number of hours and financial donations per member are completed each semester

Skills and characteristics

  • Effective communication
  • Outgoing, Hard working, open minded
  • Patience Organization
  • Strong communicator, organized, time management skills
  • Energetic, positive, resourceful


  • Do something small.
  • Take advice from the philanthropy chair before you.
  • Don't be afraid to get involved with other organizations!
  • Make sure all of the important reservations are made far in advance from the advance.
  • Need to be enthusiastic!


Click here (or the graphic below) to complete the brief questionnaire.

philanthropy chair duties


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