Should I unsubscribe?

The act of unsubscribing from emails can be reactionary, in fear of personal data being publicly shared. Before you think of unsubscribing from Greek Ladders, take a moment think it through.

The biggest feature of the Greek Ladders website is its career directory, where job-seekers manage specialized career profiles. Each profile captures career interests, academic/education information, campus and chapter involvement, objective/mission statements, and more, which each job-seeker provides.

In addition, the profile tracks each job-seeker’s participation, which elevates the candidate’s “career capital”, thereby triggering Greek Ladders staff. RSVPing to events, commenting on blogs, inviting other Greek to join the Career Network, and “sharing” webpages, are all ways to boost one’s career capital. Because employers are constantly asking for top candidates, this is one easy way for Greek Ladders staff to identify the most interested and engaged job-seekers.

Job-seekers are added to the Greek Ladders Career Network in a variety of ways. Most sign up, on their own, through the website. Others join by RSVPing to career events. Last, chapters which partner with Greek Ladders as “chapter affiliates” are invited to submit contact information for chapter members. No matter how candidates join the Career Network, all are allowed to “unsubscribe” from the network.

Before you unsubscribe, think to yourself…

  • Does receiving a weekly news bulletin really bother me?
  • Does receiving reminders of upcoming career events bog down my inbox?
  • Can I make the most of my participation with the Greek Ladders Career Network?
  • Can I use Greek Ladders to meet employers?
  • Can I benefit from reading best practices, participating in surveys, and attending career functions?
  • Can I increase my job-seeking appeal by managing a career profile?
  • Can I share this resource with fellow chapter members and fellow Greeks?

Greek Ladders was created by Greeks for Greeks. It’s not intended to do anything but inform and create opportunities. Data collected via the website and career profiles is not sold, shared, traded, or anything of that nature. It’s kept in total privacy. In fact, when an employment match is found, job-seekers are immediately notified and asked if a direct introduction is desired.

If you’re still “on the fence” about unsubscribing, contact Greek Ladders for more information. You may reach them via email or phone (775-333-9444).

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