Social Media and the Employer Brand

Getting the attention of today's job-seeker, particularly those currently in college, takes a variety of approaches. Email, face-to-face meetings, group presentations, special events, and social media all play a role...many times, as a collaborative approach.

Reading an article written by Christos Tsaprounis, featured in the September 2016 of Recruiter Magazine, is a reminder that a proper approach to social media can boost an employer's brand.

The author points to a few tips to generating awareness and results through social media, including:

  • understanding and describing your culture
  • choose the ideal social media vehicle
  • know your content
  • respond, respond, respond
  • use connections to promote you

These are all great tips. While not all are easy to address at any given time, event with small staff and heavy workloads, the ends definitely justify the means.

The article has prompted us to remind the employers using our career network to take advantage of the social media branding opportunities offered in their campus subscription package. These include:

  • Post a blog on the Greek Ladders website to promote your employer, its hiring practices and needs, and specific positions.
  • Schedule a week to be featured in the Greek Ladders Weekly bulletin.
  • Conduct a live-streamed interview with us. We'll promote to our network and post the interview on our YouTube channel.
  • Post a job on our Job Board. We'll promote through our social media channels.

Employers taking advantage of these offerings generally see greater results and satisfaction that those who choose otherwise. Contact us to help you boost your social media presence through Greek Ladders.


Click here to read the full article, found on page 38.





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