Staffing Solution

Based on demand from our subscription-based employers and others, we now offer staffing solutions.

In this new model, we proactively present candidates to employers to meet their hiring needs. This model differs from the subscription-based model, where we proactively present employers to candidates.

Upon each hire, the employer will pay a reasonable flat fee for the placement.


Our Staffing Solution involves a simple process:


Strategic Discussion

We will conduct a call or visit to understand your company’s culture, desired openings to fill, discuss hiring needs and requirements, identify candidate qualities, and determine a strategy to secure ideal candidates.


Identify Candidates

We're connected to thousands of candidates affiliated with universities across the United States. We will search our Career Network database of candidates, as well as seek potential hires on the 84 different college campuses with which we have a presence.


Review & Match

We'll review potential candidates, then determine appropriate matches to each open full-time or internship position.


Candidate Presentation

Upon vetting the prospective candidates, we'll present them to you.


The staffing approach can be utilized by our subscription-based employers, too.

Employers interested in blending placement services with their current model or solely using our placement services, should contact us to get started.

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