Alumni/ae play a pivotal role in the career direction of a chapter’s undergraduate members. Not only do they share a fraternal bond with the students, alumni/ae serve as outstanding resources of information, connections, and quite possibly, job leads.

Fraternity and sorority alumni/ae are invited and encouraged to join the Greek Ladders Career Network. In addition to helping others, there are ways of benefiting from the network. Below are a few benefits and opportunities presented to chapter alumni/ae:

  • Access to the network of employers and job postings
  • Access to interface directly with students and employers
  • Serve as a mentor to students
  • Support students by serving as personal and professional references
  • Participate in alumni-to-alumni networking
  • Register employer into the network
  • Positively brand employers as corporate leaders

Greek Ladders provides an effective tool for alumni to utilize an official vehicle designed to connect students to internships and full-time jobs.


CLICK HERE to join the Greek Ladders Career Network as a career planning mentor and/or speaker.


CLICK HERE to join the Greek Ladders Career Network as a job-seeking candidate.


Please note that alums can utilize the Career Network to mentor, speak, AND seek employment.



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