It’s no secret that securing full-time employment is extremely difficult. Given the highly competitive landscape, students graduating from college, despite their academic preparedness, can be at a disadvantage when compared to the experiences of candidates for the positions they seek.

For businesses looking to hire ideal candidates, it’s a similar situation. They’re routinely sifting through applications and resumes to find individuals which most closely represent the ideas, goals, and cultures of their companies. We’ve been asked by many to help find individuals who possess strong leadership characteristics, work ethics, and are A-type individuals. Unfortunately, recruiters have a difficult time finding these people based solely on their resumes.

Greek Ladders provides the solution.

We recognize that students either don’t have the access or do not utilize the resources offered by their schools or fields of study, we created a results-driven solution. Through Greek Ladders, student members of the Greek community are eligible to receive access to leadership and career development tools aimed at kicking off their careers in productive and ideal manners. One step further, students will have direct access to corporations offering internships and full-time employment opportunities.

Our goal is to ensure there’s a return on the investment for your student’s education. As a parent of an active student within the Greek Ladders network, we hope you recognize:

  • Complimentary “investment” in your student’s academic, career & leadership development, since registration is free;
  • Value-added benefit to your student’s membership in Greek Life;
  • Satisfaction that your student has access to excellent resources beyond the classroom;
  • Confidence that your student has tools necessary to sharpen leadership traits;
  • Framework from which they can follow and discuss leadership and career growth.

There’s no requirement for parents to participate with Greek Ladders. Our programs are designed for the students. However, we recommend that parents encourage their students to consider leveraging our tools, resources, and connections to help give them a boost to launching their careers.


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