Securing a job in today’s employment market is tough. Finding the right job, one that closely resembles the learning and skills acquired during college can be extremely difficult. Not only are college students and recent graduates competing amongst themselves, they’re at a disadvantage when seeking the same positions as those with greater direct skills, experience, and connections.

Recognizing these challenges, Greek Ladders was created to give job-seekers a “leg up” in the employment recruitment process. Our services are tailored to the needs, interests, and wishes of each candidate. By connecting job-seekers to employers, through the highly interactive Greek Ladders website, as well as direct exposure to these businesses, the ideal job seeking path become both straightforward and more direct. This is made possible by Greek Ladders staff, who actively establish relationships with candidates, recruiters, and on-campus career officials.

Job-seekers receive assistance in two specific ways

  1. Career Network - Upon joining, job-seekers work with Greek Ladders staff to learn how to write resumes, pick up job search techniques, define career goals, get introduced to employers. There's no cost to join. Click here to join the Career Network.
  2. Job Board - This platform gives job-seekers a way to review job postings. Those who join, may have their resumes reviewed by recruitment specialists and apply for jobs posted on the website. Click here to view the Job Board.

Those who join the Job Board will automatically be added to the Career Network at no cost.

We actively present students to potential employers who regularly ask us for job-seekers based on different career interest criteria, location, skills, etc. They also ask us for our “preferred” candidates, which we base on the level of activity and interactivity via the Career Network and Job Board.



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