Summer Break is Ideal for Career Planning

As you're taking a break from studies, we encourage you to spend a little time on our career planning. We have simple tips for you.

Many students are tight for time during the school year. They're either attending classes, studying, participating in group projects, attending club meetings and events, or spending time with friends. We know free time is limited, which is why summer break presents an exceptional opportunity to focus attention on career planning.

If you recently graduated and are feverishly looking for a job, contact us immediately! We’ll coach you through the situation and work to connect you to promising employment opportunities. If you’re not on an urgent job-seeking course, take the time to enhance your appeal to potential employers. Dedicate some time to spruce up your appeal and get noticed.

Here's a list of suggestions to get your career planning in gear this summer:

  1. Update your resume with recent work-related and on-campus club experience.
  2. Share your resume with others for review. Send to us, as we’re happy to provide constructive feedback.
  3. Update your LinkedIn profile. If you’re not sure how, contact us and we’ll give you pointers...and an assessment.
  4. Talk - talk to co-workers, family friends, people at church, in line at the store at a concert, etc. about your career interests. Ask questions about their experiences, career planning tips, and connections to the industry(ies) of your interest.
  5. Network - attend industry receptions and networking events. It might seem intimidating, but these groups love having students attend their functions. Since you're new, many will flock to meet you and learn about your career plans. Contact us if you're not sure which organizations and functions to target.
  6. Join the Greek Ladders Career Network as a job-seeking candidate (click here). It's free and, as soon as you join the Network, we work with you along your path toward ideal career connections. Build your online career profile by inputting your Greek and campus affiliations (click here), major and class year (click here), campus and chapter involvement (click here), and career vision and interests (click here). We're happy to talk you through the process.
  7. Post your resume on our new Job Board. At the same time peruse the open job opportunities and apply to those meeting your greatest interest. Note: even if you don't want a job, interviewing for real jobs gives you incredible experience. Plus, you'll meet great people!
  8. Volunteer! Spend an hour or two working with community leaders at a non-profit event or in their office. You'll work alongside incredible leaders and develop new skills. You'll be helping others, while boosting your career appeal! If you don't know where to volunteer or whom to call, contact us. We're quite familiar with the philanthropic sector.
  9. Ask us for a job reference.'ll need to create a profile in our Career Network and we'll want to talk to you for a few minutes. The small amount of time spent with us could result in an incredibly great opportunity!

We work with employers, which are seeking interns and full-time hires. They’re looking for quality, career-ready talent. Through the career network, they're personally introduced to candidates and view each candidate's online profile. Actively maintaining your online profile will trigger employers to target you, as well as develop a great understanding of your interest, readiness, and potential success.

Whether you're looking to get hired for an internship, first post-graduate job, or summer job, we want to help you leverage the summer break to take your career planning to a new level! It's a great time to exponentially expand your professional network, brush up on skills, and revise your resume.



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