The Give and Take of Networking

A very interesting article was features in Forbes' digital magazine yesterday, which identified four habits of effective networking. One of the ways, as written by Michel Theriault, was of particular interest.

Michel did a great job pointing out one key, but seldom utilized opportunity in to give rather than take.

Despite their lack of experiences, college students have a great deal to offer to employment recruiters, business leaders, and community activists. They have ideas, viewpoints, and their own ways of doing things. When entering networking situations with professionals, whether a couple or many years their elder, students don't need to feel intimidated.

The next time you're at a formal networking reception or a social setting, particularly with a new connection, try the "giving" approach. In addition to a meaningful exchange of dialogue, ask questions to learn more about what the individual seeks to learn, achieve, or acquire. If you're interests and experiences resonate, provide helpful information.

Practice this approach. You'll be surprised how quickly and how often others will offer advice, connections, and solutions to you!





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