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Step 1:uFund howitworks

The group or organization will sign up either online or with a sales representative. When signing up, the group will provide names of the individuals fundraising, along with fundraising monetary goals and purpose. If the group or organization has a logo, we would like to include that on their website as well. The reason for obtaining each individual’s name is to credit them when a customer completes their purchase (they will be required to select who told them about the fundraiser). uFund will offer rewards for the person who sells the most during their group’s fundraiser. When the group or organization provides a logo (optional) and identifies the purpose of the fundraiser, the end consumers are more likely to purchase products.

Step 2:

Once an organization has signed up to utilize uFund, we will create an online store just for that organization or group. This website will be branded to look just as if it is that group’s website. On each products page, the website details how much money will be raised for the organization if the customer were to purchase that particular item. The group’s website will keep track of how much the group has raised and will let everyone know with a tracker at the top of each page. Your organization receives a check for 40%* of the total sales price! That's $40 out of every $100 sold!

Step 3:

Once the group’s site is up and running, uFund will release the URL address to the organization. Then all of the organization’s members will be asked to share that particular website with all of their friends and family via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). The more people each member shares it with, the more money the group will raise.

Step 4:

Each fundraiser lasts for 2 weeks, then the fundraiser and site will close, and uFund will give you a detailed report on all purchases made so your fundraising team can celebrate! At the time of check out for each customer, they have the option to either ship their order to themselves or have their products brought to them via the person who told them about it. The group or organization only has to deliver those particular products requested for personal delivery. uFund will take 99% of the work out of having to deliver!. Example: Johnny sells 20 items to his neighbors and they all want Johnny to deliver them. uFund will package all items individually and place them in a larger box with Johnny’s name on it. By doing this, the group leader can simply pass along the boxes to each member of the organization in a quick manner.

Step 5:

uFund will calculate the amount of funds raised and will distribute a check to the organizations within 7-10 days of the fundraiser’s last day. In certain circumstances, uFund will host a success party for the organization as well. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@ufundonline.com uFund looks forward to working with your group or organization in the near future.


*Organizations receive an average of 40% on all products. Some products provide 30% income to the organization, while certain products provide 50%. Exact product commissions are not disclosed to organizations to ensure all products are marketed effectively.

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