Understanding a job-seeker's career interests

Knowing the career interests of each candidate will go a long way towards connecting to outstanding employers and ideal employment opportunities.

Life happens in mysterious ways. College students change majors with regularity, young professionals change jobs often, and more established professionals tend to change careers. Just because one's degree may be in one field, it doesn't restrict that person from following his or her career passions.

The Greek Ladders Career Network is comprised of thousands of online profiles of career-launching students and career-advancing professionals. The profiles track majors/degrees, universities, and campus/community involvement, one area helps Greek Ladders staff connect the candidates to employers and their open positions...career interests.

career interests

Understanding a candidate's career interests, opens the door to...

  • Easier matching to open jobs and internships
  • Swifter introductions to ideal employers
  • Greater understanding of career goals and aspirations
  • Better insight as we develop each candidate's career strategy

Let the Greek Ladders team understand your career interests as soon as possible. It takes just a moment. Click here to use keywords or brief sentences to describe your career interests.


The graphic below illustrates a sample Career Interest form and provides a few tips.

career interest form 

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