Upcoming Career Fairs - September 8-11

There are a handful of career fairs this week on campuses where candidates using the Greek Ladders Career Network are affiliated.

Below is a list of career fairs, which our candidates should be leveraging to launch their careers. Click [details] for key information about each event.

Wednesday, September 9

  • Cal State Long Beach - STEM Job & Internship Fair [details]
  • Ohio State University - Fisher Fall Career Fair [details]
  • University of Texas-Austin - McCombs Fall Undergraduate Career Expo [details]
  • University of Texas-Austin - Fall Engineering Expo [details]
  • University of California-Berkeley - EECS Career Fair [details]

Thursday, September 10

  • Indiana University - School of Informatics and Computing Career Fair [details]
  • Oklahoma State University - Agricultural, Food, Environmental & Natural Sciences Career Fair [details]
  • Purdue University - Computing Career Fair [details]
  • University of Texas-Austin - Fall Engineering Expo [details]

Friday, September 11

  • University of Kansas - Business Accounting Career Fair [details]
  • University of Kentucky - Accounting Internship & Career Fair [details]


Click here to capitalize on the great connections you make at the career fair!


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