Vicki Sandler encouraged students to become "the most powerful you"

The most successful, happy and fulfilled individuals and leaders are the most self-aware. Being able to adapt to change, and being resilient, are critical to your happiness.

These messages served as the core of a career workshop featuring Vicki Sandler, an Arizona alumnus and former CEO of APS Energy Services, where she empowered students to be proactive about their lives and careers.


The workshop gave students a chance to learn how they can live and work with meaning and joy.

One student described the workshop quite eloquently in her blog...

"Vicki Sandler, the woman who spoke and lead this seminar, made her audience reevaluate their aspirations in order to better align, "who you are with what you do." She shared her three step process to help everyone become their own CEO--"Chief Energy Officer," that is--and tools to help manage their lives."   Click here to read her entire review of the session.


Special thanks to Matt Noble, Co-Founder of Greek Ladders, Rochyl Windham, Gamma Alpha Omega Sorority President and, of course, the star of the evening, Vicki Sandler. All are pictured in the photo. 


If you missed the workshop or want to recapture insight provided by Vicki, click on the following video links.


Vicki's recommended assessments for "mega-insights!"

1) Taylor Protocol Assessment 

2) PersonalityStyle 

3) Values Centre (middle tab with fingerprint on home page), 

4) Just for fun, print your results to the Life Purpose Calculator - it takes 1 minute.

If you are really ambitious, this link to assessments takes longer, but give it a try: Authentic Happiness. Pick any or all that interest you.


A brief description of Vicki

She is a world adventurer, and energy expert. In addition to growing the start up company, APSES, with her team to $220 million/year for a decade, she was senior legal counsel who argued before Justice Scalia, and co-authored papers with Nobel Laureate economist, Dr. Vernon Smith, as a Phi Beta Kappa, when he taught at U of A. Even more important, Vicki organized a huge SURPRISE flash mob dance at her daughters’ wedding! She has  Studied the power of intuitive wisdom with indigenous peoples of S. Africa, Peru and with monks in Nepal.  Vicki says, from them she learned to live more from “HEART than HEAD.”  Most recently, she works with cutting-edge neuroscientists on how to consciously live and lead.


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