Welcome back to school!

Many campuses are back to school this week, which makes it an ideal time to seek out ideal career opportunities.

We made a few changes, err enhancements over the summer break to our Career Network. These include:

  • Invitations to conduct initial discussions to learn more about career interests, campus and chapter involvement, and what you’re really seeking after college
  • Introducing students to employers, especially where we think there are promising matches
  • Assessing LinkedIn profiles to help make profiles more appealing and expand professional networks
  • Reviewing resumes to truly capture your skills, experiences, and involvement
  • Coaching before career fairs and real interviews

Our goal is to connect students to outstanding employers and ideal employment opportunities. We don’t charge students a dime, but do spend tremendous time guiding them to landing great jobs.

Creating Greek Ladders has been a long-time dream. Three years into this company and we’ve made countless job and internship connections all across the country. We do it by truly understanding the needs and interests of both students and employers.

Update your profile today! Let us know about your summer work experience, new chapter position and campus organization, and all about your career interests. Ask us to review resume and LinkedIn profile…we’ll give you an honest opinion…and tips for improvement.





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