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One of our founders, Pete Parker, is presenting a workshop at the Project Lead Conference on Friday, October 21 at 11:30am. His topic is Leveraging Student Involvement to Land a Job. If you and fellow chapter members are not registered for the conference, we encourage you to do so and ask to sit in on his workshop.

Whether you attend or not, Pete will be available to visit with you, fellow chapter members, and other Weber State students. He arrives early Thursday and can easily carve time to meet in the Union. He'll talk about careers, student leadership, Greek Life, etc. and be happy to review resumes and LinkedIn profiles. 

If you're interested in meeting up with Pete, simply send him an email and suggest the best times to meet. His schedule is best on Thursday afternoon/evening and Friday morning/afternoon.

Since you're here, take a look at what we offer students. It's a free service for students to get ready for careers and also to introduce to employers. No strings and no hidden costs; just a sincere offer to get students connected. CLICK HERE to learn more. You can also click the "Get Hired" button on the right column to join our online career network.


***Special Offer***

Pete will review your resume and LinkedIn profile before the conference! You must attend the conference to participate in this special offer. It's free!

Click here to send your resume and LinkedIn URL



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